Annual Health Checks survey - final report

Leaning Disability Carers Community survey of carers views of annual health checks. The final report is now published. The main aims of this study were to discover what factors cause the low uptake of Annual Health Checks (AHCs) by people with learning disabilities. For those who have had AHCs they explored the level of carers’ satisfaction with these.

This report presents data from a survey of carers. There is quantitative data from answers to standardized survey questions and qualitative data was also collected about carers’ opinions and experiences.
The report can be read and downloaded from our website.

They didn’t exactly push themselves to try and gauge opinion for a balanced report how much did it cost?. Never heard of some of the sites they mentioned. Why didn’t they talk to people with LD themselves?
My own experience of transition from Paediatrition to Health checks is they are done by a nurse with no experience of LD and don’t save time. Any blood tests, prescriptions , tests have to be done by a dr in another appointment, not a good use of time & energy

I am interested to know why you ask what it cost…