Bone health for people with Intellectual disability

The research shows that people with LD/ID are more likely to have thinning bones from a younger age than general population
Has any service a protocol relating to osteopenia/ osteoporosis for people with learning disability that they are willing to share ?

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My son 33 has osteopenia probably due to years of taking anticonvulsants. He has Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and lives in centre for epilepsy where most residents take calcium, vitD supplements due to the frequency of osteopenia.
However he now has kidney stones but continues to take calcium twice daily as the risk of fractures is too great.

thank you Captain,
At least the risk has been assessed and a decision made
In our service we have the majority of people on supplements either calcium/vit D or both and treatment for osteoporosis if a DXA scan indicates the need.
however I wonder if DXA is always necessary as it is not possible for all people and as supplements/treatments begin at a young age how long can you continue ?