Failure of Work Programme - Example Needed

If anyone knows of anyone who has experience the Work Programme and might be able to talk about why it is failing so many people with learning difficulties please get in touch. I’ve got a journalist who really wants to cover this for a major media outlet.

Same reason it is failing individuals that are not learning disabled. Labour rates are low. Unskilled work will be picked up in economically active areas at less than minimum wage. LD …well, even non LD youngsters are struggling, the job market is literred with competition from older, even elderly workers, as those with minimal pension provision need to generate income if they are able to do so. Finally, in my opinion, LD, in order to gain employment, need enlightened employers…Morrisons are one such, they know the value of employing good LD individuals…unfortunately they, as a business are struggling…for positive spin on it, suggest you feature Morrisons. Work plan is a Government initiative…in my view, commerce runs itself, it will not be governed, as such…what then, is to be done? What work suits LD? Any surveys? Very expensive to have people on benefits, and not good for the individual…people with pa who have their own businesses are often given a role…maybe ask that question. In my view, having an LD child requires parents to be self employed. Best regards, Kokila.