Free Resources: Communication between family carers and providers

We are a co-production research group consisting of family carers and a PhD student. In 2016 we devised and shared a survey to explore interaction between service providers and carers.

We analysed our responses and shared our findings at a workshop with service providers and carers, we used this time to ask them what could improve these interactions. Using this information, and the survey findings, we developed some resources to try and facilitate communication between carers and providers. These resources are based on what cares said would be useful.

The resources include a set of Standards, a communication agreement, a keeping in touch circle, staff training slides and a carer survey.

These have been tested out with a small group of providers.

The resources are free to use and available here:

Please feel free to send a copy to the support providers who work with your family members if you think they would be useful.

The work of the Carer Voice group is now complete but I am still very happy to be contacted on We are sharing the resources widely and hope they will be picked up and used by service providers.

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This looks really useful Rachael, thanks for posting this. Great to see siblings clearly and specifically included e.g. on the communication agreement and in the keeping in touch circle.

I will share with people who may benefit.

Best wishes

That’s wonderful, thank you Frances.

If you would like a printed copy of the resources I can post them to you if that would be useful.

They are also available for download here

Thank you for taking the time to get in touch


Hi @rachaelAB - Apologies for the delay in response.

No problem, thank you for the resources - it’s great to see them out there.

Printed copy not needed - happy to download and print myself if needed :slight_smile:

Best wishes

Thank you for getting back to me Frances!

Best wishes