Government response to ‘No voice unheard, no right ignored’ does not go far enough, charities claim

Extract from Learning Disability Today, 10 November 2015

People with learning disabilities should expect to be supported to live independently in their community and exercise control over the support they receive by 2020, according to the government in its response to the recent Green Paper consultation ‘No voice unheard,

no right ignored’.

However, the government’s proposals do not go far enough and do not have deadlines or targets to ensure the proposed changes become reality, according to leading learning disability charities.

The government’s response to ‘No voice unheard, no right ignored’ noted stark variability in current commissioning approaches and in resulting outcomes across the country. “This reflected the fact that some commissioners have failed to grasp and act on the urgency

of putting in place suitable community provision. Too many have not changed their behaviour, in part because the system is not set up to make it easy for them to do so or to make it hard for them not to do so.”

In response, the key aims outlined by the government are that by 2020 people with learning disabilities should…

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