How does technology help you stay in touch or help with care?

Last year the Care Quality Commission (CQC) published a set of case studies about how innovation in technology can improve care. They’re keen to add examples from people who use services and their families.

They are particularly interested in where families or carers have used technology to support or communicate with someone.

What type of examples they are looking for

They’d like to hear about easy-to-use technology that helps people communicate. Examples might be:

  • an app that helps someone monitor their condition
  • a way of consulting healthcare professionals without having to go to a surgery or hospital
  • something that helps someone carry out tests at home
  • sensors or other equipment used to monitor someone’s health or make sure they’re safe and well
  • technology that helps people stay in touch with families and loved ones

New products have come onto the market that make communication easier - things like voice-activated applications. They’d like to hear from people who have used them. They’re particularly keen to hear about people’s experience of simple video communication.

How to get in touch

They’d like to hear about experiences where technology has helped people - or where it could have worked better.

If you’d like to help by telling them about your own experience, you can contact them by email.