Including people on the Autistic spectrum

Fresh One is a 1-day training course for people who have a family member, or work with someone, with autism.

Far from being simply a medical description of autism the training covers –

 Understanding the sensory, anxiety and movement challenges of people with autism
 New ways to include the most challenging people
 The core values surrounding inclusion.
 New skills and processes to strengthen the inclusion of people with autism.

Your trainers will be Colin and Elliot Newton. Elliot is an Inclusion Facilitator and has worked across the UK working with disabled children and adults. In 2014 he did an internship in the USA with 2 trailblazing community organisations (Neighbours Inc, New Jersey and Citizen Advocacy, Georgia). Colin co-founded Inclusive Solutions, with Derek Wilson. Colin is an educational psychologist working across the UK, including as a principal and senior strategic educational psychologist.

The training will take place in Leeds on 15th September. It costs £95 per person, or £20 for family carers.
you may download a booking form here

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