New campaign about changing autism as a mental health diagnosis

The National Autistic Society (NAS), CBF and Mencap have started a campaign to get the Government to remove autism as a mental health disorder. If you feel you want to support this campaign, go to the NAS site:

I have signed the Open Letter, but can not find the Petition, please advise the link. Currently there does not appear to be a link on either NAS or Mencap websites

Our apologies for the confusion, our wording was incorrect there. We should have stated that it was a campaign, using the open letter as the vehicle to get the Government to hear your voice. We have corrected this now

Some background which highlights the alarming rise in the number of autistic people in mental health hospitals can be found here. As part of their work highlighting this issue the National Autistic Society are asking people to sign this petition on the Parliament website, calling for an end to the detention of people who are autistic or have a learning disability in mental health hospitals.