New report: "Disability Matters in Britain 2016"

A new report ‘Disability Matters in Britain 2016: Enablers and challenges to inclusion for disabled children, young people and their families’ was launched on 30th November 2016.

The interactive pdf is available to download from the ‘About’ page of Disability Matters:

The report offers practical, inspiring and down to earth examples of inclusion and a range of suggestions on how to ensure that disabled children and young people are meaningfully included in the health and education services, leisure opportunities, sport and everyday activities.

Disability Matters asked young people and their parent carers about their experiences of inclusion. At the same time, educators, health professionals, community workers, volunteers, training providers and employers were asked how they ensure that disabled people are included in their service or community. The report reflects the views of the 10 young people, 123 parent carers of disabled children, young people and adults and 128 professionals and volunteers who responded to this ‘Call for Evidence’.