Next steps for LDA England

Extract from: LDA England, November 9, 2015

This proposal was written by Simon Duffy, Sarah Maguire and Alicia Wood after discussions with the LDA Advisory Group, a survey of LDA members and discussions with key partners – particularly the National Forum and National Valuing Families Forum.

LDA England began as a small ray of hope, and it has quickly become a large network of people and organisations. In a very short period, with limited resources, we’ve been able to work together to:

Create a Manifesto with the National Forum and National Valuing Families Forum
Provide a detailed list of bad Government policies – the Wrong List
Launch the alliance in Parliament
Carry out a major survey to Quality Check the Coalition Government
Host a Citizen’s Jury to Mark the Parties
Recruit over 1,300 individual members and 200 organisational members
Create a significant new presence on the internet, including facebook and twitter

The LDA has a broad membership including self-advocates, families, community organisations, as well as individual allies. The election united LDA members, who worked together, offering their own unique contribution. This is one of the strengths of the LDA, but now the election has come and gone we need to refocus and think about the future…

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