People with Down's syndrome seeking employment featured on Employable Me - BBC Three

Here are links to a couple of BBC Three Employable Me episodes that feature people with Down’s syndrome.

Employable Me - Matthew

Matthew’s five-year job search has proved unfruitful so far, but he’s determined to get a break so he can move out of his parents’ home and find a girlfriend. Down’s syndrome has not stopped him gaining college diplomas, and he’s not going to let it to stop him joining the mainstream workforce. Will a hospitality role on the railways prove the perfect opening for Matthew to ignite his career and plan for the future?

Employable Me - Zena

Educated in catering and hospitality, 25-year-old Zena has not let Down’s syndrome hold her back. She has her own flat, and would like a job she can excel at. She’s a big Cilla Black fan, and wants a showbiz career too. Will Zena rise to the challenge of a front-of-house role at her local theatre, and will her on-the-job trial gain her a permanent slot on the volunteer rota?