Psychotropic medication

Hi all,

I’m doing a local quality improvement project on psychotropic medication prescribing.

I’d be really interested hear from anyone involved in similar projects and anyone else who has any thoughts on psychotropic medication or prescriptions generally!

In particular:
Are people getting enough information? Where are they getting information about medicine from?
Is it being explained what medication is for and what to expect?
Is monitoring with blood tests/blood pressure/weight etc being done?
Is medication being reviewed regularly?
What are the barriers to reducing psychotropic medication prescribing?

Thank you for your time!

I am a pharmacist working in a long term care setting for people
ageing with intellectual disabilities.
I have recently completed a PhD.
I developed ‘quality indicators’ for medication use in the population
ageing with intellectual disabilities and behaviour disorders.
I have provided a link to a published article on the topic that may help with your project.

To link to this article:

Best wishes