Reducing the confusion around employing a personal assistant

CommunityCare (17 November 2015) has a very informative article about the significant tax implications of employing a PA and a new guide which seeks to help direct payment users to manage them.

Receiving a direct payment and employing a personal assistant (PA) brings with it many tax and national insurance obligations which can be daunting and confusing to new employers. With the aid of an HMRC grant, the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group have set up the Disability Tax Guide website to help advisers, individuals, social workers and user-led organisations comply with these obligations.

This article briefly explains the areas that cause most difficulty when taking on a PA and explains more about the help available.

The article can be found at

I suspect that many normal people, reading through this, will just tell their social worker that they are no longer willing to be unpaid carers and to also manage a complex payroll system. Maybe that was the intention?
How many personal employers of care staff have been taken to Court for throwing this advice in the bin and telling their personal assistants they were self employed, and what was the average financial penalty?