RESEARCH: Evaluating a Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) Workforce Development Package

We would like to invite you to take part in our research study, which is evaluating the impact of a Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) educational programme on the knowledge, confidence and practice of the those who complete it. In order to help know if any changes in these areas are due to the PBS programme, we will be inviting staff from support services who have not yet undertaken the educational programme to take part too.

Who can take part?

To take part you must:

  • be aged 18 years or older

-be able to give informed consent

  • not be undertaking the PBS programme run by Northumbria University

  • be a paid carer for a person with an intellectual disability and/or Autism working in the UK

Please find below the links to the online questionnaires:
Part 1:
Part 2:

This study has received full ethical approval from the Department of Psychology Ethics Committee in accordance with the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences Ethics Committee.

Thank you

Rachel Martin