Research invitation for people with learning disabilities who have found it difficult to make ends meet

We are a team at the University of Sussex working on a European research project about the risks of poverty and social exclusion. We’re looking for interview participants to help us understand where policy to help those struggling to make ends meet needs to be better. We’re looking for participants who are either 25-31 OR 40-46 OR 70-76 and who left school around age 16. The interviews will be entirely confidential and anonymous and take place at a time convenient to you. The interview will be carried out in a public space (such as a library) and be an informal conversation about your life experiences. You will be give a gift voucher for your participation. Further participant information and detail about the project is attached. Please get in touch if you’d like to take partEUROSHIP-leaflet.pdf|attachment (3.6 MB)
interview recruitment poster all ages.docx (131.6 KB)
Participant_Information_Sheet_life course interviews.doc (45 KB)