Residential Care - What are the rules for the contribution to the costs?

My disabled daughter has a residential placement funded by our local authority. I take her on a Monday and collect her on a Friday, driving 300 miles per week. She spends the intervening time at home. Over a year she will actually spend more time at home than in the residential placement. She would not accept not coming home at weekends. What are the rules for her contribution to the costs. I am told she is treated as if she is there full time and has to surrender all her ESA and the care component of her DLA other than £25.05 per week and that I have to pay for the transport costs. Please help

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I’m not sure if this will help but under the Care Act everyone (including people in residential care,) is entitled to a personal budget. This does not mean changing how your daughter’s support is managed or organized but asking for her budget information would give her information about how the money to meet her needs is being spent/not spent and may give her grounds to argue the case for some of the funding being available to cover her costs at weekends and her transport costs. There is a new document on the “In Control” website which you might find useful “Promoting people’s rights to choice and control under the care act 2014”