Sedation and Removal 'like Guantanamo rendition'

A extract from a BBC news report published today, Wednesday 18 November 2015:

A teenager with learning disabilities was “unlawfully” sedated and flown from south-west England to Dundee in a move a health boss likened to “extraordinary rendition to Guantanamo Bay”.

A leaked report seen by the BBC shows the girl’s journey in 2007 happened without her or her parents’ consent.

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My comment is that this happened 8 years ago, so this is very old news.
There will always be very exceptional and urgent circumstances where a safe placement is needed, and with 100 phone numbers to call, the last phone number has a spare bed and the staff to cope.
I think that rather than automatically assume bad faith in these kind of circumstances, it might be better to admire the willingness and flexibility of the staff involved to a) accept their own limitations and b) attempt every possible solution, including some that are almost ludicrous.
Naturally, I believe that prevention is better than care. Many people are still locked into a risk-assessment, safety first model: often because the organisation they work for has a blame culture and they fear for their jobs. The solution is to change the culture, not to attribute blame.