Shared housing for adult with a learning disability

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I’m new to the forum and have joined to help my parents find an independent housing/care solution for my sister, who’s 34 and has a learning disability. At the moment she lives with them near Reading (but in West Berks local authority): the situation’s increasingly fragile since my dad - who’s nearly 80 - had a mini-stroke last year, so mum’s looking after them both.

For our family the ideal scenario would be a local house (preferably South Oxfordshire) which my sister could share with 3-4 other adults in a similar position, with care managed by parents/carers but delivered by a support worker. The challenge is finding people who might consider this (or another solution which reaches the same goal). Any advice on helpful organisations/forums/people would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance to the community!


Welcome to the Choice Forum. You might like to try posting your request on Oxfordshire’s LDOX Forum which can be found at

There was a post on LDOX recently about a young lady needing a new housemate. She though lives in North Oxfordshire. Here is a link to the post:

A good organisation to make contact with would be the Oxfordshire Family Support Network. The workers there Jan and Gail both know or have worked with other families doing similar things. You can find their contact details at

Good luck!

Thank you, Neil - that’s extremely helpful.

Really appreciate the connection and contact you provide here.

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