Step into my shoes?

In the new Open Future Learning module “Autism and Sensory Processing” we use a series of interactive films and activities to help your staff understand how their own sensory processing system works.

We can’t imagine and assist the processing realities of the people we support until we understand our own.

Watch this great excerpt:

On successful completion of this module, your staff will be able to:

  • Explain what processing is.
  • Describe the strengths and limitations of their own processing system.
  • Understand why processing and processing difference matter when working with people who have autism.
  • Gain insight and understanding into the experiences and challenges of people living with processing difference in a world that is insufficiently aware and adapted to accommodate it.
  • Reframe some “challenging behavior” as strategies for managing difficult (sometimes unbearable) processing challenges.
  • Reflect on the life choices made by people who experience processing difference and how these need to be understood and supported.

Module Length: 90 minutes

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Ben Drew

Ben Drew
Founder | Open Future Learning