Support Worker Research

Dear ____,
I am working on a retention and recruitment project ran by Karen McKenzie at Northumbria University.

We are currently examining the factors influence staff retention and turnover in support work. This questionnaire is in two parts, the first looks at influencing factors whilst a second follow up study investigates any change in circumstances and the effect this has had on the person.
We would be grateful if the link provided could be passed to support workers at your organisation. The questions should only take a small amount of time (around twenty minutes) to complete and all responses are confidential. They will leave contact details for the follow up questionnaire in the survey, so you will not have to distribute that.

Additional information about the study is available below and on the survey itself via the link. The research has received ethical approval from the Department of Psychology Ethics Committee at Northumbria University.

Background to the research:
Many services, which provide support for individuals with an intellectual disability and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder, experience a number of difficulties with both recruiting and retaining staff, with staff stress, burn-out and turn-over being common. The aim of this survey is to explore which factors may influence staff turn-over. The results may therefore provide crucial information on how to recruit and retain staff in the future.

Best Wishes

Rachel Martin