The Challenging Behaviour Foundation launches new resources about children’s experience of restraint

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation (CBF) has today launched a number of new resources on the Paving the Way website around the issue of children with learning disabilities being restrained:

The first of these resources is a powerful video, ‘Why do they hurt?’ – a 5 minute film about a young boy, Calum, who experienced prone (face-down) restraint at school.

Accompanying the video is a family story by Calum’s mother, Beth. The story describes Calum’s experiences in more detail, and also describes the campaigning work Beth was inspired to undertake in Scotland as a result.

Whilst guidance about the use of restrictive physical interventions with adults exists, there is currently no equivalent guidance in England and Wales for children. The Department of Health promised equivalent guidance earlier this year, but this guidance has been significantly delayed and the eventual publication date is still unknown. The CBF issued an interim statement in January, which aims to clarify the current position. This statement is available to download here:

The final new resource on the Paving the Way website is a blog post from a family carer, Kate, describing the experiences of her daughter, Laura, and arguing for the importance of effective guidelines and training for those supporting children with learning disabilities.

Follow the link below to explore all the resources on the site!