The State of Stay Up Late survey results 2016

Late last year we launched a survey to find out if people with learning disabilities were being supported to have a night-life. This is something we’re passionate about because not only does this mean you have an opportunity to go out and meet your friends, and share in activities with other members of your community, but it also means you’re able to exercise real choice about the way you live your life.
No social networks, no fun and no choice is obviously going to be detrimental to someone’s health and well-being.
Our short survey aimed to find out what was going on now and what some of the blocks are.
We found that 72% of people that respondents know aren’t able to go out after 10pm. We think this really needs to change.
Read the full findings here - download the easier-to-read report and also our infographic.

We’d love to get your comments on all this too