Tips for a Shared House on Sussex/Surrey/Kent borders

Thanks Bill,
Yes, the philosophical issue of separating housing & care is one of the problems we are concerned about. If we had the 2 bedrooms rate and service charges that may cover the income we need.
Many thanks for your support.

Hello Sandy, did you get the documents I sent? Not sure if they might be useful but you never know!


Hi Bill,

yes thank you, Bill, I should have been in touch. They are very helpful and
I will photocopy and return the papers you wanted back - sorry for the

We now have 3 tenants in the house and urgently need to address the housing
benefits issue. the tenants are very happy with their new home and the
refurbishment has gone well and is now almost completed. We have managed to
remain within budget, to schedule and to a good level of quality. We think
we have managed to increase the overall value of the house quite
substantially, a bit of reassurance just in case anything should go badly
wrong. Everyone is really enjoying the new home, with many visitors and a
lively atmosphere. We are now looking for 4 tenants who can live in
supported accommodation using personal budgets and direct payments.

We are progressing down the exempt housing route and have now obtained a
draft agreement for the tenancies with exempt housing in mind.

If we provide a housing support service that makes an actual difference to
the lives of the tenants, then we can maintain the separation between the
landlord (housing support) and the social care support providers.

I am not sure if you came across MR Associates who specialise in supported
accommodation consultancy? They charge private consultancy rates and so i
am trying to do some ‘due diligence’ enquiries about them.

Thanks for being in touch and I will keep you posted on the progress we are

Yours aye,