Who will care when your not there?

Future Planning for Adults with Learning Disabilities - Are you concerned how your sons and daughters will manage without you?

A parents group has been set up in Eastleigh, Hampshire to heighten awareness about this and to find ways to prepare for a time when they may not be there to support them.

The group is keen to hear from community groups or organisations who have developed successful ideas that we can learn from and look to adopt locally.

Hi Tonya

I work for Thera Trust and we have just produced a book for parents about future planning called Safe and Secure. It is written by parents who have been in the same situation and is a completely free resource. The book covers everything you need to think about including wills, trusts, guardianship and also housing. It also helps by helping you create a circle of support around your loved ones who make sure the plan happens. Please have a look at our website which will give you more details and how to get a copy.
Please feel free to give me a call. Regards Andrea