Workshop about Sensory Processing Difficulties

Sensory Spectacle have planned their next set of workshops around the UK. All workshops teach about Sensory Processing Difficulties, how to recognise and understand specific sensory characteristics and strategies and ideas to support both children & adults.

Our workshops include immersive learning tools which we have created alongside people with SPD to give you a unique insight into how SPD may feel in your situation.

All workshops are suitable for everyone including parents, teachers, sencos, teaching assistants, therapists, support workers & carers.

You can find out more information about each workshop here on our website

If you’d like to enquire about in-house, group or team training please send me an email and I’d be more than happy to tell you more.

Timings - 9.45am - 3pm, Price - £80pp

Workshop dates -

5th Feb in Cardiff - FEEL IT workshop

8th Feb in Swansea - DO IT workshop

14th Feb in Liverpool - FEEL IT workshop

28th Feb in Glasgow - FEEL IT workshop

1st March in Glasgow - KNOW IT workshop

4th March in Derry, NI - FEEL IT workshop

5th March in Derry, NI - DO IT workshop

28th March in London - KNOW IT workshop

27th June in Birmingham - FEEL IT workshop

11th July in Norwich - FEEL IT workshop