Zoom meeting for people with Learning Difficulties

I am in the United States and am networking with People First locations around the world using Zoom. We are reaching out to people in the UK and would like feedback about this. Many people have smart phones. They are able to join with us and talk. We talk about the weather and ordinary things. We have been involved with the People First movement for a long time and we know the issues. Our objective is mostly to have fun and help each other through this Covid 19 situation. This method of communication is inevitable. People are carrying the technology in their pockets.
It is accessible to the large number of people who can not read. Lets work together to make this a positive experience for everyone.

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hi are you still doing zoom chats for disabled people like to join in

Yes, Please contact me at donability@gmail.com There are many forums designed for people with learning difficulty all around the world. It is an exciting time. Covid has forced the profession to show this technology to thousands of people with intellectual disability. I am working to link up all these efforts. There will be a Zoom Conference in October to show what currently exists. Please contact me. There is a tendency for efforts to stay within their own geographic areas. This leads to a lot of duplicated work and people wasting time reinventing things that have already been solved. We can spend much more time just having fun if we work together around the world. https://www.facebook.com/advocacyco