Hi.:slightly_smiling_face: I am 36 and have classic autism (non verbal/speech impaired), mild learning disability-it is very noticinlecto me as I struggle ot process information and learn from it but I come off as ok in terms of LD to my support staff as they are not experienced in mild LD or classic autism,I much prefer being at my day centre or venture arts as they understand me so much,I get judged a lot here unfortunately.

I am able to read with some trouble,it may seem I can type and read well to some people but I type without looking and go off what’s in my head,I think purely in imagery and it takes a little time translating those thoughts into language.
I also nod and act like I understand a lot to my staff as I zone out when they speak,they don’t understand that I don’t get a lot of the words they use,and they overload me with huge piles of info,if I had more understanding staff I woud feel confident to communicate that I don’t understand.

I have a physical disability and caused by over use of restraint,it broke A bit of my spine and has left me in agony for the past 7 or 8 years,but because I mask pain so well no one apart from my family and my brill neurologist believes me when I complain of pain.

I have epilepsy,it is quite bad and it is part of why I am prescribed padded helmets on NHS.
I am on three anti epileptic drugs.

I have other stuff to.

I am a DSLR photographer and artist,but my peripheral neuropathy affects my drawing and photography now.

If you ever want to talk please talk to me, I woud like to talk to other people online.