A new guide to enable more people have opportunities to be part of the world of work

The latest edition of the Together Matters newsletter is all about a new, easy-read guide called ‘How to be part of the world of work’.

The guide has ideas to help with taking steps to break down some of the barriers to work:

  • Getting family, friends and supporters on board to think about and explore work ideas
  • Finding out what is going on in the local area- such as, community groups and businesses
  • Talking to people in community places and work places

Read the newsletter here

The guide is a new section of I’m Thinking Ahead which has ideas on ‘How to plan’, ‘How to make choices’ and ‘How to get the right housing and support’.

Visit the Together Matters website here to see all the sections.

Hi there,
Getting back to work is very difficult especially if you have had or going through some crisis. I went through such a ‘crisis’ for many years. Tried numerous jobs, courses, groups etc to no prevail. Eventually I came across a Mencap site encouraging volunteers. I applied, interviewed and got the position. It was such a life changing event. the staff were understanding, friendly and informative. I learnt so much and gained so much confidence that I am looking for work within the ‘outside’ LOL now. Try something new, even a couple of hours a week…but always remember …YOU ARE THE DECIDER AND THE UPMOST IMPORTANCE… Take care Guys

I agree with you, it makes a big difference if you can try things out and hopefully find something that is right for you- whether it’s an environment that feels comfortable, people who are friendly, taps into your interests.