A new resource for those running a care budget

I’m both an unpaid carer and a PhD researcher at Newcastle University. My research has led to the creation of www.mycarebudget.org . An online, free, repository of templates and staff policy documents. So far we have over 70 documents that can be downloaded – all of them useful for anyone that holds or is gaining a care budget, especially if it used to employ care staff. We started out from Personal Health Budgets in England, but the documents are not limited to PHBs.

All the documents come from people with lived experience of running a care budget. The website has been created with people with lived experience. There’s no corporation, health authority or charity running it. Although formed out of a research project, the site will continue past that as a standalone offering.

www.mycarebudget.org is a wiki – so it grows by people adding and editing to it. All the input is checked before being published, so we can add confidence in what appears there.

The more people that know about the website, use it, add to it, change it, the better. So have a look and if you find it useful, spread the word about it! You don’t need to register to have a look around, only to download when we will need your email address but no other personal details.