Able to Include: new accessibility software and tools

Able to Include is an open-source project with one goal: using technology to give people with an intellectual or developmental disability access to our information society.

In its framework, several tools were developed, for example Text-to-pictogram and text-to-speech translations, and a text simplification tool.

If you know any software developers, accessibility specialists or disability activists who could be interested, do not hesitate letting them know about the Able to Include project:

The Able to Include launch event will take place in Brussels on Tuesday, February 14, from 9am-1pm.

Several presentations by project partners will further explain the Able to Include project and showcase the exciting ways in which technology can create accessibility.

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Very interested in finding out more! At Share we’re using digital technology to enhance learning and offer greater independence, but we’re aware that it’s a journey. Would love to link up with others doing similar work.
Annie McDowall - Chief Executive, Share Community, London.