An Easy Read Guide: 'I Have Fragile X Syndrome'

The Fragile X Society have produced a new easy-read publication, 'I Have Fragile X Syndrome, produced for individuals with fragile X.

The publication looks at various aspects of fragile X, giving and overview of its characteristics. It also includes some practical strategies for managing anxiety, making friends, meeting people, and learning.

Their family support workers worked to ensure that this booklet is accessible to everyone. They partnered with Change People (an inclusive organisation creating opportunities for individuals with learning disabilities) to produce bespoke pictures and symbols.

The publication can be viewed and downloaded for free through their website’s ‘Booklets’ page.

They are also happy to provide hard copies of the publication on request. Please get in touch with their office by phone on 01371 875100, or by e-mail through

Jane, their family support worker for adults with Fragile X Syndrome, would be happy to discuss this publication in more detail with those interested. You may contact her through their office, or can e-mail her directly through

It is the only Fragile X Syndrome easy read publication currently available worldwide.