An update on changes at the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities

Release Date: 06 May 2016

Source: Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities

The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities’ (FPLD) strategic plan, within the Mental Health Foundation, is focussed on ensuring that we are able to contribute to the improvement of wellbeing and good mental health across all sections of society and communities. We have a strong strategic direction to focus on inequalities and prevention. We know that people with learning disabilities have a particularly high risk of developing mental health problems and this is something that we are keen to continue address in our future work. We will develop good practical initiatives and interventions that support their wellbeing and continue to work to combat the inequalities that they experience.

To this end, in April 2016 we focused our resources on these issues and restructured our team to be able to respond to these new priorities. We are aspire to achieve solid evidence-based development geared to eradicating the mental inequalities affecting people with learning disabilities.

We are pleased that Christine-Koulla Burke and Jill Davies will be providing the continuity and clear focus for the team and lead on this agenda.