Anyone heard of the singer Asperger Beeblebrox?

Dear All.

Typed ‘Accapella Choirs’ into Spotify and got a bunch of tracks by a guy called Asperger Beeblebrox - and he’s great! Thing is, I’ve never heard of him and he doesn’t seem to have a website or anything. Just wondering if anyone out there has heard of him, does he really have Asperger’s, anything else about him? I’d love to know more about him, he doesn’t even seem to be on YouTube?

Can anyone help me solve the mystery of who he is?

Yours puzzledly

Chris (I’ve got Cerebral Palsy and a bunch of other disabilities, btw, I’m not an able-bodied infiltrator!)

He certainly must have a good sense of humour. I’d say the chosen name is a play on Zaphod Beeblebrox, ‘Galactic President’, a character in The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

May 42 always be the answer to your life, your universe and your everything!


PS: There are YouTube clips of the radio show, the film and the stage show which may help illustrate the story! jr

Hi Chris, you might be interested in this interview with “Zarqnon the Embarrassed”:

Apparently, he has several pseudonyms: Phloide (electronic music), Asperger Beeblebrox (gothy vocal experiments), and Zarqnon the Embarrassed (chaos).

I also wrote a book about the thoughts inside my head as I went from confused child to an adult who was just beginning to grasp his spectrum characteristics