Becoming a Sensory Detective

My ‘FEEL IT’ workshop educates about Sensory Processing Disorder, how to recognise and support sensory needs. It covers

  • the importance of our senses for learning
  • what Sensory Processing Disorder is
  • how we can recognise characteristics relating to SPD
  • how it might feel with some of my immersive learning tools
  • strategies and ideas to support children & adults

If we can understand the purpose behind why someone responds to their environment in the way they do then we will be able to support them better. We are familiar with sensory needs amongst the autistic community however SPD can impact many more people aswell. (Research says 1 in 20!)

Workshops coming up are
Doncaster - 15th October
Carlisle - 29th October
Durham - 8th November
Sheffield - 14th November
Leicester - 5th December
Nottingham - 6th December
Worcester - 15th January 2020
Cardiff - 16th January 2020

More dates can be found on our website
All workshops are suitable for parents, family members, teaching professionals, therapists, social workers, support workers, foster carers.

You can book via the website or email me for an invoice