Bereavement and disabilities

New to this so please be patient with me :smile:
I am currently a 2nd year student, studying Intellectual Disability Nursing in Trinity College, Dublin.
Im currently doing a paper on bereavement and the effects on people with ID. I came across an article which mentioned a BNAT - Bereavement Needs Assessment Tool, which I thought was fantastic but I cant find any organisation using it. Has anyone heard of this tool and If so can you please tell me the organisation using it.
PainfulChalice (my son picked my name!!!)

Hi, I work for an advocacy organisation and we have worked with people with learning disabilities alongside Professor Sue Read, Keele University and others to develop what started as a bereavement assessment tool but became picTTalk, a free communication app to support communication about bereavement and other issues. You are welcome to email me if you wish to find out more
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I would be very interested in any bereavement resources like this.

I found it very difficult to find any help for my LD son when my dad died (they were very close).

I didn’t know there was a ‘BNAT - Bereavement Needs Assessment Tool’ where would I find information on this?

I work for a charity and this subject occasionally crops up, so it would be good to know for others.


I would also like information on the BNAT tool as it crops up where I work.

We created a picture resource for our non-verbal son who has severe learning disabilities when our daughter died to help him understand.We used images that showed her life journey to help him understand.

This was shown to him by one of his support team who spent time with him on a regular basis and was only shared with a couple of other key staff.

We feel it made a difference and aided his understanding.