Black Lives Matter Campaign

Is anyone aware of any easy read information or other resources around the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement ?

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The only information I have that may be useful for exploring the issues is:
Red Cross Black Lives Matter resources

News round

First News

Mixed story about diversity

Blue eyes brown eyes experiment
I will be putting resources on if I get anything else.

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Hi there is a good summary on here

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This is a great resource to help explain Black Lives Matter and the death of George Floyd. The use of video clips alongside easy read written information makes a lot of sense to explain complex events and ideas.


Definitely I agree with you it’s a hard matter to really explain but the use of different easy to use words and images helps to explain other bits like the protests that have been going on

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This might be useful. It was a video message posted by Lucy Winter, community leader at L’Arche London (where people with and without learning disabilities share their lives together). She tried to explain what happened to George Floyd in simple language, using Makaton. During lockdown, video messages is one way of reaching community members. These can then be watched by people with learning disabilities along with their support workers, so they can then talk about it together.

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