Call for action over 'hospitals seen as homes'

Families of people with learning disabilities and autism say they are planning to take legal action against local authorities and NHS providers over lack of provision in the community.

Debbie Evans is a mother who feels using the law is her last resort.

Her 24-year-old son Eden has been in institutions for seven years.

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Only it’s not the “full story”, is it? It’s very sad that Eden is in distress and of course his mum would like him out of hospital but this article paints a very simplistic picture of what is, I’m sure, a very complex case.

Thanks for the comment @Mikeyrich66 The use of words ‘full story’ in the post referred to the full news story about the situation rather than the family’s ‘full story’. Like you say, I’m sure it’s a very complex situation.

The news article does though illustrate the lack of community provision and does give an important perspective on the lives of people living in assessment and treatment units and their families. It is very clear that change does need to happen to these support services. Hopefully the campaign helps to move things along.