Cancer screening study

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I am part of a research team at the University of Glasgow doing a study on cancer screening and people with learning disabilities. We are interviewing people with mild to moderate learning disabilities and family and paid carers of people with severe and profound learning disabilities about their experiences of cancer screening. We would also like to speak to professionals. We want to find out what would help more people with learning disabilities get cancer screening.

There are three screening programmes in the UK: cervical, breast, and bowel. To take part in the study, people must be eligible for at least one screening programme. We would like to speak to women aged 25+ and men aged 60+. For carers to take part, they must care for someone eligible for screening. Professionals can take part if their work involves supporting people with learning disabilities or supporting cancer screening.

Interviews usually take 1 hour or less. Most interviews take part online, but face-to-face or telephone interviews may be possible.

Detailed study information can be found here

Please get in touch if you would like additional study information, have questions, or would like to take part.

Thank you.

Lauren Fulton