Chest physiotherapy

I’m after any research or stats to help evidence physiotherapy for PMLD. I think there’s a huge need for physio particularly postural care and respiratory care. Ideally this should start in childhood and be continued into adulthood. I’m a lone physio outside of the NHS but feel very passionate about this. Could someone point me in the right direction? Google hasn’t worked for me as yet. Thank you.

Hi @ms00skr

Here are links to a couple of other threads on the subject:

Our document archive has a number of documents related to postural care. It can be accessed here:

Look up Sarah Clayton at Simple Stuff Works!

Here is their website:

Have you signed up for the PHE Webinar on Postural Care? Webinar: Promoting good postural care to improve health outcomes (24 April 2018)
Also look at Changing Our Lives, who are facilitating a new national strategy for Postural Care - out now for consultation.
PMLD Link published an excellent article on the role of physiotherapy and respiratory pathways - Winter 2016 issue: Health Matters
You might also want to look at the new PMLD Standards which advocate Postural Care Plans being embedded in practice (free to download from or the facebook page)
Join our PMLD Community of Practice - search ‘Raising the bar - COP for the PMLD care standards’
get in touch if we cn help further!

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Hi again!
I just posted your request on PMLD LInk’s facebook page and the ‘Raising the bar…’ group - replies already being posted if you want to look? Annie

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Raising the bar - COP for the PMLD care standards.

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Hi again @ms00skr
If you contact me I can share some of the suggestions that PMLD LINK subscribers have shared. - or look on our Facebook page!


@ms00skr This post may also be of interest: Postural care services: making reasonable adjustments

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are you still practising ?