Factsheet: Postural Care

This factsheet from Public Health England looks at what we know about postural care for people with learning disabilities and severely impaired motor function:

Factsheet Postural Care Final Nov 16NB061216.pdf (78.0 KB)

I feel this service has deteriorated, why you ask because physiotherapist do not do this correctly anymore, at some point in past years this was part of a persons care plan were a physiotherapist would do this treatment to support posture and keep it flexible but this is a very poor service now and limbs etc are deteriorating
I have taken this issue to meetings regarding learning disabilities services but I feel it’s a cut back in a service. Physiotherapists have been training care staff to do small exercises but my concern they have no training experience like a physiotherapist so this is not appropriate and can cause major issues. In my eyes this service needs attention to support people correctly and for health reasons.

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