Clear and Easy: A handbook for doing easy read information

Do you produce information for people with a learning disability?

Would you like to learn more about how to make written information easy to read and understand?

People with a learning disability need to know how to get the services and information they need in a format they can understand. Providing accessible information is a legal requirement.
Clear and Easy will help guide you through the process.

Our handbook Clear and Easy contains:
• 6 booklets guiding your through thinking, planning, doing, checking, changing, find out more and ‘everyday’ English (printed and on DVD).
• Check It!: an easy read toolkit to check the quality of accessible information such as leaflets, letters and consultation documents (PDFs on DVD only).
• 2 films: These short films explain why accessible information is important, and explore some of the barriers that prevent people with a learning disability from receiving information in a format they can understand.

Clear and Easy will benefit you if you are from a local People First group, a large disabled people’s organisation, a social services department, the public sector, or private service provider. Now available to buy at reasonable rates. Free to organisations in Wales. Prices range from £25 to £45 plus VAT. All further details and a flyer can be found here:

Flyer only: booking form can be found on page 4.