Climate Change/ Emergency - easy read information

Does anyone know if there is any easy read information out there for people with a learning disability that explains about climate change and the climate emergency? And of course what actions we can take as community members!
The team at Building Bridges are increasingly interested and concerned about this! At our meeting last week we had a great presentation from a climate activist and now want to learn more and share what we have learned with others.
So we might make some resources if there are none already available?
Many thanks!

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Hello Building Bridges,
There is very little information about climate change in Easy Read.
It would really help if you were to work on some.
You could also ask on the Easy Read Facebook site
There are about 3,000 people over there talking and sharing about Easy Read materials.
Good luck with everything.

We ran a course for people with learning difficulties last year about being Green. If you email me I’ll happily share some presentations.

This film was produced to encourage Bristol’s disabled citizens to help develop a Climate Action Plan that would take note of their views and needs. Although it is about things that are happening in Bristol it’s fun to watch and introduces key information about the issues and what can help.

I’m interested in the easy read about climate change, I’ve went on the website and I can’t find any easy read info on climate change, where is it please?

I’m talking a film about climate change: Climate change - BDEF CCA video 2021 - YouTube

Hi Beth

Our huge apologies – the item isn’t yet on the shop!

If you send me a personal email to we will send you a copy

Best wishes

Building Bridges

We finally finished it! available from our website

Do you have a link for it that you could share?



for all our resources :slight_smile:

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