Communicate with Me

Communicate with Me – A Resource to Effectively Communicate and Involve People with a Learning Disability is a book with an online quality assurance framework that is published by Speechmark Publishing.

The book is written to meet the needs of practitioners working with children, young people and adults with a learning disability in a range of capacities and settings.

Communicate With Me is a tool to support effective communication and involvement of people with learning disabilities. It provides the reader with bite-size sections that support practitioners to consider tools and approaches through detailed timesaving descriptions, good practice examples and reflective activities. Communicate with Me additionally provides a quality assurance framework that supports the implementation of communication and involvement tools and approaches that foster improved outcomes for people with a learning disability. It enhances positive, sustainable change in work practice and work culture.

This practical resource includes:

• Comprehensive guidance in communicating with and involving people with learning disabilities

• Many practical examples, case studies, examples of good practice and information that is contextualized to support implementation in settings

• A detailed quality assurance framework that supports services and practitioners to implement standards about communication and involvement

• A Companion on-line resource

Communicate with Me A Resource to Enable Effective Communication and Involvement with People who have a Learning Disability is available from Speechmark, Amazon and all good book retailers.

In addition to the resources we are excited to launch the Free Communicate with Me Internal Quality Assurance Scheme for Services and the Communicate with Me Communication Partner Development Scheme that will support the implementation of effective communication and involvement.

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