Connor Sparrowhawk death: NHS Trust ‘knew of failings’

BBC News have published a leaked 2012 internal review of Slade House which shows that the Southern Health NHS Trust knew of the failings there 10 months before Connor died.

In the associated article the BBC reports that “Dr Sara Ryan, his mother, said she would be asking police to open an investigation. She said the leaked documents were the “missing piece” for a corporate manslaughter charge, and described seeing the 2012 report as “devastating”.”

The BBC article goes on to outline that “the internal review involved staff carrying out a mock Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection. Staff described safety as either “medium” or “low”, while others were “very clear” that it was not safe. There was also a “lack of clarity” around care plans, risk assessments and risk management, and a “gap” between information stored on its electronic system and on paper.”

The BBC article on this leaked report can be found here.

Thank you to the member of staff who gave this evidence to the BBC. How much more is to come? heartbreaking - this surely is corporate murder.

There still is no support systems in place to encourage staff to report concerns. Management instead in the name of productivity prefer to victimize and bully. Not enough is being done especially in the light of the abusive phone call sent today. Very sad

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