Coping with stress

I am a stay at home parent caring for my child with LD. It gets too stressful at times and I’m just curious how the other parents here cope with the situation. It’s not like we love our child any less, but sometimes it can get overwhelming. Is it just me?

Share with me your methods of coping, please :slight_smile:

Hi, sorry to hear you’re finding things stressful. I have found things difficult too at times and you are certainly not alone in feeling that way.
I think everyone is quite different in how they cope when life get overwhelming but things that help me are having a break, catching up with friends, I like going out in nature - either jogging or going for a walk. Making sure I stop and appreciate the little things in life. As well as the basics - getting enough sleep, eating well etc.
What do you find helps you?
I set up a website called that includes words of wisdom from other parent carers about their experiences. You might find it helpful to know you’re not alone. It also suggests some tips for promoting wellbeing.
I think the key is to find something that works for you.
Good luck

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