Do you have any Easy Read information on the European Union referendum?

A member of the Choice Forum has requested easy read information on the EU referendum.

Do you have any that you could share?

Thanks in advance!

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Try the LD Alliance Scotland at - they have produced a booklet about the EU referendum.

We’ve got some images added on Photosymbols, they’ve been downloaded quite a bit, so I’m guessing there’s quite a few groups making Easy Read Materials about the EU Referendum. Change might have something too, I know they do quite a bit of work in Europe.
Might be worth asking about on Twitter with the #Easyread hashtag

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Just noticed, United Repsonse have put some resources up on their Every Vote Counts website today

What we are really after is some accessible information so that people
can make up their minds whether they are for or against leaving the

I haven’t found anything yet so if you do please let me know.

thanks, useful information

Ah, Ok. I guess a lot of the information is about telling people that there is a Referendum approaching, not going into the details as to what a stay or leave outcome would mean.

Just having a quick look around I couldn’t see a Manifesto for either position. The two highest ranked websites in Google were and You could ask them directly if they provide Easy Read versions of their arguments.

If I had to explain the pro’s and cons I would look to make an easy read version of already produced info ie or the “Disabled? What Brexit might mean for you” thread on this forum.

Hope I’m not teaching egg sucking but it’s probably quicker to run a live group session and use large Easy Read symbols of the key topics as flash cards or visual aids rather than produce a take away document.

Hello, United Response are creating an Easy News Special on the EU Referendum. It will include unbiased information on the arguments for remaining in and leaving the EU, written in an accessible and easy read format. It is due to be published on 10th May. You can subscribe here to receive a free copy:

For more information on it, please take a look at our press release:

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like any further information.


Someone from our Partnership Board asked the question of the electoral commission and got the following response:

Thank you for your email to the Electoral Commission.

The Electoral Commission will be producing an easy read booklet on the EU referendum which will be sent to every household. This will be published on May 15.

Hope this helps.

Great news, thanks for letting us know. Be interesting to see what it’s like. “Sent to every household” has to be really good exposure for Easy Read generally.

Not sure if this thread is still “live”

I notice that the Brandon Trust have just made a video explaining the EU referendum

Another Easy Read resource just out re upcoming EU Referendum

Here is another document.

Has one small section is relevant to Scotland only. Still very important to acknowledge

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Mencap have just released an Easy Read guide for the Electoral Commission

Mencap also have easy read guides on registering to vote, as well as a video explaining how to support people with a learning disability to vote:

Inclusion North have added some resources to their site