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I hope you are well! :blush: I am the health information team co-ordinator at Prostate Cancer UK.

We create free health information resources for patients and anyone impacted by prostate cancer. We have an easy read booklet that uses pictures and easy words to explain how to spot a prostate problem and what to do next. It also gives information about what to expect at the GP surgery, please see a link to this resource below:


We are seeking feedback on this resource to improve it for anyone it may be helpful to. If you are interested in providing feedback on this resource, please do let me know and we can talk further. Or, if you wouldn’t mind, you can comment with what you like or dislike about the resource, if you think we could be providing any other easy read prostate information, or any other feedback on it.

Many thanks,
Health information team
Prostate Cancer UK

Hi. Thanks for posting. This is a great resource for those that can understand easy words and pictures. I was wondering if you could do another one on getting screening for prostate cancer, especially if you are in a higher risk group. My husband had prostate cancer so our son, who has a severe learning disability (now aged 39) will need to be screened.

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Thank you for posting this.
I have just read your booklet.
I think the words and pictures are really clear.
I am sure it will be useful to lots of men and their families.

Teresa Randon
Tel : 07885 739 122

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Thank you so much! A brilliant resource.

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Hi Biro,
Thank you very much for your response and feedback.
I am going to feedback to our team the potential to produce an easy read resource for prostate screening as part of this review- once I have any updates on this, I will be happy to let you know!
Thanks again,
Tayla (Health Information Team)

Hi Teresa,
Thank you so much for your feedback! It is greatly appreciated and we will use this as part of our review on this resource :smiling_face:
Thanks again,
Tayla (Health Information Team)

Hi Wendy,
Thank you very much for your feedback! :smiling_face: We will use this as part of our review on this resource.
Best wishes,
Tayla (Health Information Team)