Easy read surveys online

Just a quick info request and some questions re Online Surveys

Has anyone had any experience /ideas re apps/ hosting online easyread surveys?

Can Survey Monkey be “hacked” to make the Questionnaires more Easy Read?

If not, Is there a better online Polling system?

Should paper based easy read questionnaires have a digital counterpart as a matter of course?

Thanks in advance

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We have used Typeform https://www.typeform.com/ it is free and allows you to put pictures in. Still limited in where you may use pictures but better than Survey Monkey in our experience.

Cathy - Connect in the North


Cathy Thanks for letting me know - that’s new to me - I’ll check it out

for info - In another forum someone said “Closest we have is making easy read survey using Formic- which scans, collates and exports data”

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Hi Pete, there’s a new company in Cardiff that have developed a more user friendly platform for surveys - though they prefer to call them ‘polls’. They’re called DooPoll. It’s free and the company are very friendly and helpful. I don’t think you can add images but I like the look and feel of the polls.

I’m using it at the moment for reseach I’m doing into people’s experiences of staying out late and going to gigs. I’ve created an easy read survey that can be downloaded from our website, and an online doopoll. The DooPoll has been completed by 70 people with a learning disability so far and I haven’t had any complaints about using it so far.

This is a classic digital accessible issue I have struggled with for a while - while more websites are becoming WCAG approved accessible they still ignore the experience for people with a learning disability. The company we used for easy read health wales are excellent on accessible web design, but we had to educate them on easy read web design - we’re still really happy with the result though :slight_smile:. I think this is a major issue that a few of us need to tackle and maybe do some work around producing guidelines for easy read websites.


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Thanks Kai, I’ve passed the info on to the person who asked me and cross posted on the PIF Accessible Info Forum.

Talking to people round and about, I get the feeling there’s a lot of people who share your views about how it’s time to take easy read onto more digital platforms to avoid it being relegated to a paper only ghetto.

I’ll make a rough list of people I’ve chatted to a who share your views and send it over to you. Thanks again.

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