Easyread info on race and diversity

Hi All. I’m looking for some easy read educational material to support a young man with learning disabilities to understand racism - he has started using racist language, and we want to address this with him. Does anyone know of any resources that may help? Many thanks

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I don’t have resources but our Rooots team of trainers with learning difficulties run Stamp Out Bullying training to people with learning difficulties which covers racist bullying. We are based in Leeds if that’s any help.


Thanks for replying, but we’re in the South East, so a bit too far away! I will check out if anyone down our way offers anything similar though - good idea…

Have a look at www.booksbeyondwords.co.uk

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I can ask our disability hate and mate crime project if this is something they cover as part of their awareness training on hate crime. Our team is made of diverse individuals of all works of lives; we work with photo symbol and recently did a photo shoot on diversity with particular focus on race and culture. We are based in the London borough of Camden.

Thanks Claudia. We’re down on the South coast, but would still be interested to know if you cover it.

Hi – unfortunately the distance is beyond our remit and hence we will not be able to progress with this.

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