Effective communication in an acute hospital!


I am a B5 OT in an acute hospital. I am trying to create a series of easy read documents to enhance the patient experience/communication for LD patients within our trust.

I am focussing on:

  • What is an OT/Physio/Dietitian?
  • Equipment
  • Decisions in hospital
  • The ‘daily routine’ (or as close to one as there is in hospital!)
  • Who’s who within the hospital
  • Service after hospital

I wondered if anyone had come across anything like this/could think of any other ideas that might be useful for LD patients?


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You might find it useful to also ask your question on the UK Health and Learning Disabilities Network.

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Thank you Neil - I will do so now!

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There’s 250 easy read leaflets on a series of webpages - start at https://peterbates.org.uk/home/linking-disabled-people-and-communities/easy-read-information-about-mental-health/
Just one on OT at https://peterbates.org.uk/home/linking-disabled-people-and-communities/easy-read-information-about-mental-health/easy-read-leaflets-on-hospital-and-other-professional-help/


You might like to look at Books Beyond Words.


Thank you Peter - this is an amazing range of resources!

Thank you Mollie! Yes Books Beyond Words are great!

Supported loving have a lot of easy read stuff on their page as well as links to other sites.
Check them out

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You can ask on the Easy Read Facebook Group. There are over 1600 people who create and use Easy Read material willing to offer advice and share resources: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2843154462396049